BGAN X-Stream is Inmarsat’s premium IP streaming service. It guarantees streaming data rates from a minimum of 384kbps up to approximately 450kbps, on demand. These are the fastest on demand streaming rates in the world of mobile satellite communications.

Using a single, highly compact, lightweight BGAN terminal, you can deliver even higher quality video back to the studio when broadcasting remotely. There is no need for an external antenna or any additional hardware - just use your existing BGAN terminal such as Hughes HNS 9201 or Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 700.
  • Fastest video streaming speeds available via satellite using a highly compact, portable terminal
  • Higher quality video delivered back to the studio via a single terminal when broadcasting remotely
  • No external antenna or any additional hardware required - just your existing BGAN terminal
  • Save money by replacing SNG trucks with BGAN terminals using BGAN X-Stream, thanks to enhanced video quality
  • No compatibility issues - tested and configured to work with the leading professional video applications and codecs
BGAN X-Stream FAQs are available under the 'documents' section.

For further information on BGAN X-Stream please contact us.    

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