Streambox Live is a low cost, fully functional live media broadcasting solution offering Pay As You Go, live streaming which is proven using AST's enhanced internet service (Performance IP).

Streambox Live is integrated into AST's Point of Presence (POP), minimising the distance that content needs to travel, and significantly increasing the efficiency of the service.

How it Works:-
Streambox Live encoding software can be downloaded to any laptop or selected smart phone. Once the software is downloaded, a connection to an IP network (BGAN or VSAT) must be present to send video.

Sending live video with the Streambox Live encoder takes seconds to set up. All that is needed in the field is a camcorder, the laptop or phone running the encoding software, and an IP connection.

Content is streamed to the POP servers using the free client encoder software and is immediately available either for real time live broadcasting or store and forward distribution. All media assets are automatically archived in the Streambox Live server, ensuring they are available for play out at all times.

Advantages and features:-
Easy to Use
Using the software is easy! Just point your camera, pick a preset, and start sending your video.

Go Anywhere
Send video from remote locations anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, Streambox Live will give you the mobility and flexibility to send live video to anyone you choose.

Manage Video
The included management tools give easy access to live and archived video content. User management, one click routing, metadata search, and archive preview are all available via the service’s web application.

Unlimited Accounts
Streambox Live Administrator account holders have the ability to manage their users by creating unlimited accounts with three different access levels: administrator, operator, and contributor.

Auto Archived
All video sent to the Streambox Live data centre will automatically be archived. All archived videos offer in-browser previews and associated metadata for routing or downloading.

Streambox Live offers turn-key video over IP contribution, allowing broadcasters or video receivers to efficiently start collecting large amounts of video by providing the necessary infrastructure to turn viewers into contributors.

Streambox Media Player (Local Play)
Live video can be streamed directly to the desktop of a computer with Streambox Media Player software. Just press the “Local” button on an incoming live stream, and the video is automatically routed to the Streambox Media Player for viewing without the hassle of manual input. Local Play creates a simpler and faster way for users to play live streams on their desktop. This is a faster way to preview multiple live feeds before choosing to route them to a hardware decoder.

More information about AST’s Point of Presence (POP)
Located in Telecity’s state of the art data centre in London, AST’s POP is protected against events such as; bombing, flooding, fire and power failure.

Physical integrity is assured and controlled via Strict Access Control for authorised personnel to the building itself, and subsequently to individual floors, rooms and racks located within those floors.

Direct, resilient connections to both Inmarsat and the internet allow AST to offer the best possible transit times to route traffic and with all hardware being fully redundant high availability is guaranteed.

Leading enterprise vendor products have been utilised to ensure best of breed capabilities and excellent, proven support and maintenance services.

An integrated network management platform constantly monitors and reports on all aspects of the POP, alerting the AST Operations Team to any issues on a 24x7x365 basis.

For further information Streambox Live from AST please contact us.
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