VSAT services from AST  offer the next generation in global telecommunications, combining cutting edge iDirect technology solutions with an unbeatable focus on service.   As a "last-mile" communications provider VSAT from AST uses the most advanced platforms which match the quality and performance of digital terrestrial circuits, resulting in a highly cost-effective and reliable broadband enterprise-class solution, to enable and support any business application requirement.
  • One-stop-shopping
  • Maritime and land application
  • Flexible service price plan offering lease or purchase of VSAT hardware
  • AST’s VSAT service provides the highest performance levels (99.5%)
  • Network design and implementation
  • Voice, fax, video conferencing and data connectivity
  • Low cost VoIP solutions
  • Optional VPN and leased line connectivity to back office
  • Dedicated satellite hubs
  • LAN & WAN interconnection
  • Prepaid / Post-paid calling platform
  • Shared (low contention ratio) bandwidth
  • Backbone interconnectionTurnkey end  to end  solutions
  • Tier 1 connectivity to internet backbone
  • 24 x 7 NOC support
VSAT from AST is comprised of products and services required for the deployment of 2–way satellite based communications designed to enable video, voice and data applications.
AST offers various service plans depending on the client’s requirements and acceptable contention (sharing) levels. Our service plans are monitored for usage, availability, reliability and performance.
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